Gregg's Mind Game

Posted: Feb 13, 2009 11:09 AM
While many conservatives applauded Sen. Judd Gregg's decision to turn down the position of commerce secretary yesterday, others are not as convinced. Columnist and radio host John Batchelor today writes that "Gregg is good example of what is wrong with the Republican Party after Karl Rove and President George Bush turned it into clumsy crybabies." The column is unnecessarily harsh but I came away with this: Gregg knew long before last month that he would have little to agree with in the Obama Administration. Why did it take him until now to admit or realize this? Obama, with one of the most liberal records among the most liberal Congress ever, surely wasn't going to satisfy Gregg's best hopes for America. It would be hard to turn down a position in the White House, I agree. Maybe his conscience just caught up with him. 

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