The Type of Leader We Can Expect Joe Biden to Be

Posted: Oct 14, 2020 7:30 PM
The Type of Leader We Can Expect Joe Biden to Be

Source: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

With less than 20 days until Election Day, it's time to seriously consider the type of leader the candidates would be, should they make it to Inauguration Day 2021. Certainly, we have a clear precedent to the type of leader President Trump will be if elected to another term. He’s maintained his demeanor from the very beginning of his political career in 2015. Whether you love him or hate him, he’s never been anything other than authentic and accessible, even to a fault.

Trump clearly leads his administration with conviction and confidence. Perhaps the revolving door of White House staff and cabinet members could be viewed as chaotic, but many see it as evidence that Trump truly is the man in charge of the executive branch of government; those with their own agendas are free to go at any time, or they will be told to go.

He’s a strong man, one who seems to be awake nearly 24 hours per day and who recovered from the Wuhan coronavirus and hospitalization at break-neck speed. He’s a consistent man, whose policy promises to America have been the same from the start, no matter how much half of the country hates them.

So, if Trump does win the election, there is no reason to expect that his steady leadership would change or morph into a position of weakness or uncertainty. Again, love him or hate him, the president says what he means and does what he says.

If Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins the election next month, we should expect a very different type of leader. And Biden has made sure to prove the type of leader he would be at every step during his campaign as he fails to answer basic questions, refuses access to the press, waffles on his policy positions, and denigrates the supporters of his opponent.

He does this all with the blessing of the corporate media and technology giants like Facebook and Twitter, avowed leftist organizations that actively hold water for Biden and, just today, refused to allow users to share a story that made him look bad.

A bombshell report on Wednesday revealed that Biden very well may have been flat-out lying about a deeply shady and monetarily beneficial connection to corrupt Ukrainians. Based on the evidence in question, Biden could very well be guilty of the quid pro quo, a very impeachable and egregious offense, as Democrats have repeatedly told us.

Biden has fervently denied these allegations from the start, sheltering his troubled son Hunter and saying he never even spoke to him about his job at Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings. Now, according to the New York Post, it looks like Biden not only discussed Burisma with Hunter, he met with one of their top executives.

But instead of facing the American people on Wednesday as they prepare to make one of the most important decisions in United States electoral history, Joe Biden ended all press communication before lunchtime. Biden sees adversity and, rather than tell the American people that either he’s “sorry” that it happened or deny the story altogether, he chooses to hide, hoping the whole thing will blow over.

Biden, his campaign team, and the media have so far been successful in their technique of simply letting negative stories blow over. And now, Biden has an assist from Facebook and Twitter who are hiding the negative story from the public, complicit in election interference to help Biden get elected. And perhaps, they will be successful. But for America, that would be a disaster.

Biden would be a leader without courage, without conviction, and without integrity. He has changed his tune on nearly every important policy position in his nearly five decades of public service. He ushered in a generation of punitive punishment for low-level offenders, repeatedly disparages Black voices as not being legitimate without supporting him, and now supports the most radical abortion allowances in the world.

He won’t answer a simple question about court-packing because he doesn’t want to lose votes. He did us the favor of even telling us that to our face if we would only listen. He straddles the line between losing support from the far-left and center-left so often that he can barely remember the last statement he made about fracking or the Green New Deal.

Joe Biden is not a leader. He is a failed bureaucrat without values and a vision for the American people.

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