Sen. Cruz Reminds Us All What Is At Stake if Liberal Activists Make Their Way to the Supreme Court

Posted: Oct 13, 2020 3:20 PM
Sen. Cruz Reminds Us All What Is At Stake if Liberal Activists Make Their Way to the Supreme Court

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz took a sledgehammer to Democrats' political grandstanding on Tuesday, shredding their accusations against the GOP of using "dark money" to make judicial selections and pointing out the consistent attacks Democrat-nominated judges have waged against the Bill of Rights. 

Cruz's 30 minutes of talking immediately followed a presentation from Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, who used charts, markers, and several posters to describe a vast dark money conspiracy perpetuated by Republicans and their allies, such as the Judicial Crisis Network and the Federalist Society. 

"Our Democratic colleagues, when they address the issue of so-called dark money and campaign finance contributions are often deeply, deeply hypocritical, and don’t address the actual facts that exist," Cruz said. 

But he had some information about Democrat dark money that Whitehouse failed to include in his lengthy, often confusing presentation. 

"Here are some facts, of the top 20 organization spending money for political speech in the year of 2016, 14 of them gave virtually all of their money to Democrats," Cruz began. "Another three split their money evenly, so only the top three gave their money to Republicans, what does that mean in practice? That meant the top 20 super PAC donors contributed $422 million to Democrats and $189 million to Republicans."

But bottom line, the Democrat attack on the GOP for participating in dark money conspiracies was beyond hypocritical. 

"Those who give these impassioned speeches against dark money don’t mention that their side is funded by dark money with a massive differential," he said. "The senator from Rhode Island talked about big corporate powers without acknowledging that the contributions from the fortune 500 in this presidential election overwhelmingly favored Joe Biden and the Democrats – without acknowledging that the contributions from Wall Street in this election overwhelmingly favored Joe Biden and the Democrats."

Cruz went on to point out that even in all of the Democrats' insistence that Judge Barrett would be a conservative activist on the Supreme Court, it is the liberal side of politics that has sought to advance left-wing policy through the judiciary branch. 

"By the way, Hillary Clinton said that she would demand of her nominee – something you have rightly said that this administration has not demanded of you – ... a commitment on any case as to how you would vote," Cruz said to Judge Barrett. 

"Democrats have shown no compunction in expecting their nominee to make a promise ... "I’m going to vote on a pending case, judicial ethics be damned." He continued, "or how about the Second Amendment? We have heard some reference to the [District of Columbia v. Heller] decision. The senator from Connecticut yesterday talked about reasonable gun control and gun safety provisions. That of course was not what was at stake in the Heller decision." 

"[The] number one trend majority decision Justice's opinion, acknowledges reasonable provisions, things like prohibitions on felons and possessions are permissible. Your opinion in the decision likewise acknowledges that restrictions ... are entirely permissible under the Second Amendment." 

Cruz went on to discuss the Left's consistent attack on free speech through the Court and the alarming trend of liberal-appointed judges ruling as a monolith against religious litigants in high-profile cases. Cruz detailed the many instances in which liberal-appointed justices have alarmingly ruled against several well-established precedents rooted in the Bill of Rights. 

But after nearly 30 minutes of impassioned speech, Cruz finished his time by letting the American people get to know the Supreme Court nominee just a little better, asking her questions about life at the Barrett home, including piano lessons, and what it takes to raise a big family. 

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