Rand Paul's Speech Was a Staunch Reminder That The '94 Crime Bill Is Still a Major Problem For Biden

Posted: Aug 25, 2020 10:05 PM
Rand Paul's Speech Was a Staunch Reminder That The '94 Crime Bill Is Still a Major Problem For Biden

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has certainly had his differences with President Trump over the past four years but unlike some other GOP members of Congress's upper chamber, Paul has forged a strong alliance with the president. 

On Tuesday night from the Republican National Committee, Paul acknowledged that he hasn't always been in lockstep with Trump. But on many key issues, Paul pointed out, Trump's progress and leadership has been prolific. 

"I’m proud of the job Donald Trump has done as President,” Paul said, also making a tongue-in-cheek remark about his 2016 Republican primary defeat. “I don’t always agree with him. But our occasional policy differences are far outweighed by our significant agreements.” In sum, he said, “President Donald Trump gets things done.”

Paul shared several accomplishments by the president, including his involvement in the First Step Act, which saw the release of many low-level offenders serving long prison sentences for crimes related to marijuana. 

The Democrat’s nominee, however, did not have a past in lawmaking that matched up with the party narrative of reforming criminal justice. Despite Biden’s attempts to distance himself from his past advocacy for mandatory minimum sentencing included in the 1994 Crime Bill, Paul said the repercussions of Biden’s handiwork was still affecting Americans today. 

"For those of us that lament the Biden Crime Bill, that locked up a generation of Black men, remember that Biden bragged about a bill that still wreaks havoc on people of color,” Paul said. 

Biden has campaigned as an overall nice guy and has promised to reform law enforcement if elected to office. However, he has been roasted by the left over his past work in punitive criminal punishment, the effects of which can still be seen in prisons across the country. 

"While others talked about criminal justice reform, President Trump signed the First Step Act, the first real reform in a generation, and one that sought to undo the harm that others, like Joe Biden, have done," Paul said. 

Just before Paul’s speech, President Trump gave a full pardon to Jon Ponder, a convicted bank robber who has dedicated his life after prison to his faith in God and to helping other reformed convicts get back to meaningful lives. 

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Paul, who is outspoken in his policy stance against entering foreign wars that have long been credited to presidents from the GOP, also praised Trump for his pledge and deliverance in bringing the United States out of endless wars. 

“If you hate war like I hate war, if you want us to quit sending $50 billion to Afghanistan for luxury hotels and natural gas to stations, you need to support President Trump for another term,” Paul said.