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Democratic National Convention via AP

The day after giving a short speech during the kickoff night of the virtual Democratic National Convention, Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) doubled down on his blanket defense of presumed presidential nominee Joe Biden and also had some comments about civil unrest.


During the Tuesday morning appearance on Fox News, Clyburn was asked specifically about the violence and civil unrest that went completely unmentioned during the two-hour convention telecast on Monday evening. Clyburn claimed that any violence or looting was done by interlopers, not the peaceful voices of Black Lives Matter. 

Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade asked Clyburn, who was active in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, why he was allowing the Black Lives Matter Movement to be hijacked. Clyburn scoffed at the notion, saying he wasn't allowing it to happen but those intent on misusing a movement for peace and justice will do as they do. 

In fact, Clyburn said, the violence was being committed by white supremacists disguised as peaceful protesters. Kilmeade showed Clyburn footage of several violent altercations that have recently occurred during the months of rioting that have plagued cities and neighborhoods throughout the country. 

"Up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we saw a guy cloaked in black, knocking windows out, hijacking the movement; when they arrested him, they found out he was a white supremacist that camouflaged himself and is trying to hijack the movement," Clyburn said, ostensibly referring to the single arrest of the 'Umbrella Man' during the early days of the George Floyd protests. He then assigned the widespread violence and looting still happening across the country to that one incident.


"That's what's happening here," the 80-year-old congressman explained. Kilmeade was prepared with evidence that supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement had been openly advocating for looting and destruction. There has not been evidence that advocates of "white supremacy" have been involved in any violence or looting. Antifa, however, a far-left organization, has been highly visible and active in most of the civil unrest throughout the days of criminal activity and destruction.

Kilmeade then shared a clip of Chicago BLM organizer Ariel Atkins claiming that looting was just Black people claiming reparations. He also showed a chilling video in a Minneapolis suburb of a far-left state government candidate harassing the family and neighbors of police union leader Bob Kroll. 

(Warning: Graphic Language)

Clyburn then seemed to drop his theory that the movement was being hijacked by white supremacists and simply said, "that's not what I advocate." Kilmeade pushed Clyburn to answer for why he was allowing the movement to be hijacked. Circling back to his association with late Rep. John Lewis, Clyburn just said of the overtaking of peaceful protests, "I don't want you assigning that to me."


Kilmeade then pointed out the myriad civil offenses and destruction being committed across the country as advocates for racial justice stray from peaceful protests and turn to crime and violence, leaving cities and residents to pick up the pieces. 

"That indicates an exception to the rule," Clyburn said.

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