Yes, the Mayor Painted Fifth Avenue But Here's How Many People Were Shot in NYC This Weekend

Posted: Jul 13, 2020 11:00 AM
 Yes, the Mayor Painted Fifth Avenue But Here's How Many People Were Shot in NYC This Weekend

Source: AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

The mayor of New York City has made it very clear that he isn't interested in the health and wellbeing of his constituents unless they're the woke mob of Marxist police haters he's been supporting for the past month. Mayor Bill de Blasio gained a reputation throughout the Chinese coronavirus pandemic as a peddler of some of the most draconian, harmful shutdown orders in the nation, causing millions to lose their jobs and thousands of businesses to permanently close their doors.

Now, despite the clear recovery in New York from COVID-19, after being the hardest hit state in the Union, de Blasio's insistence on shutting down the city and restricting its residents from living and working continues. Further, he's given yet another senseless and devastating order that schools won't be permitted to fully open in the fall.

Rather than celebrate beating the illness in America's most populous city (though how it was beaten is another murky matter), de Blasio has chosen to selectively continue to apply strict lockdown protocol under his tyrannical emergency powers. Just this week, he announced a ban on all public gatherings in the city for the summer. When asked about the Black Lives Matter protesters, however, de Blasio noted that they would be exempt.

The mayor is now the Black Lives Matter movement's biggest fan, in fact. He couldn't wait to champion its causes as protesters flooded the streets and broke every one of his strict shutdown rules. He stumbled over himself to defund the NYPD to the tune of $1 billion, and this week he painted a gigantic mural stating "Black Lives Matter," directly in front of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, just to stick it to President Trump. That'll show him, Bill.

Of course, the Black Lives Matter organization and movement isn't stupid. They can see the pandering, pathetic fool that de Blasio truly is. But that certainly doesn't stop him from completely ignoring his duties as mayor and avowed service to New Yorkers just to pander to them. And while he ignored the city and posed for silly photos with a roller full of yellow paint alongside Al Sharpton and his activist wife Chirlane McCray, New Yorkers were shot, some even killed.

At least 45 New Yorkers have been shot just this week, stomping the previous year's tally of 13 over the same period. On Sunday, a 1-year-old infant was shot in the stomach when an unknown assailant opened fire on a family who had gathered for a barbecue. He died at the hospital. Two boys, 12 and 15, were also shot this week as the seemingly random surge of violence continues to plague the city.

A man was shot to death just three miles from the location of the giant yellow-lettered mural in a shooting that has police scrambling to locate their killer. The mayor disbanded the plain-clothed police unit of 600 officers who had been credited with disarming illegal gun carriers across the city.

Bill de Blasio refuses to connect the rise in gun violence to the civil unrest that has engulfed the city for more than a month following the killing of George Floyd. Now, as New Yorkers fear for their safety and lives, de Blasio has chosen painting murals as a way to signal to the woke scolds that he really cares. But the mayor doesn't seem to care about the deaths of New Yorkers outside the narrative of Black Lives Matter.