Muslim Brotherhood Will Be Well Represented in Egypt's Parliament

Posted: Dec 02, 2011 7:30 AM

The group known as the Muslim Brotherhood is hostile to the United States and supports terrorism against the country's ally Israel. So this, frankly, is bad but not unexpected news:

Judges overseeing the vote count in Egypt's parliamentary elections say Islamist parties have won a majority of the contested seats in the first round. The judges spoke on condition of anonymity because official results are expected to be released later Thursday.

They say the Muslim Brotherhood could take 45 percent of the seats up for grabs. The liberal Egyptian bloc coalition and the ultra-fundamentalist Nour party are competing for second place.

Together, Islamist parties are expected to control a majority of parliamentary seats by March. This week's vote was the first of six stages of parliamentary elections that will last until then.

Continued success by Islamists will allow them to give Cairo's government and constitution a decidedly Islamist character. It could also lead Cairo to shift away from the West towards the Iranian axis. (emphasis added)

Yet, Obama wants the country doing the usual thing the U.S. does to countries it can't depend on: give them money. Earlier this year, he called on the United States to forgive $1 billion in Egyptian debt.

Perhaps he should look at our own debt first.