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Social Security: Broke at the Beginning

How did Social Security become the fiscal mess it is today?


From Townhall Magazine's EXCLUSIVE September feature "Broke at the Beginning":


"So how is it that such flawed legislation--that was bound to fail eventually--became the hallmark legislation of the New Deal?


"Into the intellectual and economic miasma of the Great Depression in the United States stepped three important figures: writer Upton Sinclair, politician Huey Long and activist Francis Townsend. ...

"The combination of Sinclair's gubernatorial showing, Long's political ambitions and the outpouring of support for the Townsend plan convinced Roosevelt that he needed to introduce a series of social programs aimed at capturing the country's lurch to the left."

Read more of John Ransom's analysis in the September issue of Townhall Magazine.

"The country has studied ... and come to a conclusion at odds with the political objectives of Townsend, Sinclair and Long." ~ from John Ransom in Broke at the Beginning.

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