Netanyahu: Peace Must Be Anchored in Security

Posted: May 24, 2011 12:25 PM

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gave an outstanding speech to the U.S. Congress today. Townhall News Editor Katie Pavlich was there reporting and will have a full, in-depth write-up.

Until then, here are some key points from the speech:

He made the observation that only a democratic Israel has protected freedom of worship for all faiths in Jerusalem.

"Peace must be anchored in security," Netanyahu said, and thanked the United States for its friendship, adding that he spoke on behalf of the Jewish people and the Jewish state when he said "thank you" to the representatives of America.

He said he is prepared to sit down today and negotiate peace with Palestinian authority but that Israel will not negotiate with a Palestinian government backed by Hamas, which he characterized as Palestine's version of al Qaeda.

"Hamas is not a partner for peace," Netanyahu said, adding that Hamas remains committed to Israel's destruction and to terrorism.

He talked about the Hamas charter, which he pointed out said to kill Jews everywhere they are found.

Most importantly, however, he said the Palestinian leader must stand before his people and say he is willing to accept an Israeli state, just as Netanyahu is saying he can accept a Palestinian one.