NC Republican Commiteewoman Says Watch for the Third Round of RNC Chairman Voting

Posted: Jan 14, 2011 2:44 PM
Dr. Ada Fisher told Townhall during a break in the RNC chairmanship voting that it really isn't until around the third round of voting (last time it took 6 rounds) where you'll have a better idea of how this race will play out.

"This has been a real close-guarded group," Fisher said of her voting colleagues. "Republicans, particularly RNC members, are independent, and they don't like people telling them what to do."

Fisher, participating in the chairman's election for the second time, earlier today stood up in support of Maria Cino, who also had the backing of Speaker Boehner. Cino's website lists the top nine reasons why she should be elected, and one of those (saving the NRCC, where she got the organization out of debt) is an element Fisher thought a key issue: money.  Being able to outfundraise Barack Obama in the next general election and dealing with the RNC debt were the two areas she mentioned.

Fisher said she thinks it will take at least $700 million to even compete with Obama, who she thinks will spend $1 billion. She says Cino has the track record, out of all the candidates, to make that happen.

"The question is, [do] you want to win, or you just  want to be satisfied that you were heard?" Fisher said.  "I want to win."

Fisher asked why she would elect people who got the RNC in a deficit and pointed out Priebus, who currently leads in voting, was legal council when the deficit came. She also thinks a re-election of current chairman Michael Steele would not be good for the party.