Filling in on the Scott Wilder Show on KWRD-FM in Dallas

Posted: Mar 19, 2009 3:31 PM
I'll be filling in on the Scott Wilder Show on The Word 100.7 FM Christian Talk Radio in Dallas (streamed on from 3:00-6:30PM Central.

My guest at 3:15 will be S.E. Cupp and we'll be talking about how it seems there is a new 'wag the dog' atmoshphere going on with the Obama Administration as it tries to divert attention away from the economy and articifically creating battles within the GOP and its ranks to keep everyone from talking about the Spendulus mistake. Is the ice melting underneath the feet of Time Geithner and the Chris Dodd doublestep on the AIG bonuses.

At 4:15, former Texas Secretary of State and Senate Candidate Roger Williams will join me to talk about the economy and jobs. At 5:15, Kelly Shackleford of the Free Market Foundation will pro-life/pro-familiy legislation in Texas.

Call in at 800-949-5973!