BBB Being Politically Correct Now?

Posted: Feb 11, 2009 10:53 AM
In the old days, the better business bureau (BBB) was a trusted friend of consumers, telling them which businesses had received complaints for shoddy service, products, etc.  Today, thanks to new rule changes, the BBB has decided to give businesses bad ratings, merely for being (gasp) politically incorrect (or at least, because the BBB doesn't like them). 

As Salt Lake City's Desert News reports:

     Some businesses ... may get dinged on ratings because they are associated with an industry that the BBB considers unfair to consumers. For instance, Check Cash Advance in Murray has no complaints from consumers, but it has a C-minus rating because of its industry: payday lending, Driggs said.

     Jonathan Johnson, president of, said he was surprised that his company got a C . "This last year, National Retail Federation and American Express ranked us the No. 2 customer service retail organization in the country," he said.

... So, let me get this straight, just because the BBB doesn't "like" payday lending and, they get a bad rating ... no matter how good their service is -- or how few complaints they received???

What are the odds that any gun manufacturer will receive a positive rating from the BBB?  Unlikely.  How about companies who make those "gas-guzzling" SUV's?  They don't stand a chance with the newly politically correct "so-called" better business bureau...

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