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Trump on '08 Financial Crisis: You Know, We Should Really Blame Bush Republicans

We should? Well, Donald Trump thinks so. Fast forward to the 15:40 mark:

“I identify with some things as a Democrat…I was never a Bush fan. [When] the economy crashed so horribly under George Bush, because of mistakes they made having to do with banking and lots of other things, I don’t think the Democrats would have done that.”

No? Too bad Democrats weren’t in charge then. The crisis may have been averted.

By the way, former Democrat Donald Trump is a serial flip-flopper, in case you needed reminding. As several media outlets have already reported, he’s flip-flopped on at least three issues that conservatives care about: abortion, gun rights, and health care to name just a few. He’s also donated money to Hillary Clinton of all people as well as committees that specialize in electing Democrats. He is, in other words, an erstwhile progressive masquerading as a longstanding conservative warrior.

And yet, The Donald’s most passionate supporters are seemingly blind to this reality — or unwilling to face facts. Consider, for instance, this rather telling interview during which a number of Trump supporters are plainly — and indeed directly — confronted with the candidate's long and very public history of flip-flopping.


Here's how almost all of them responded:

CNN anchor: “So you see it as adaptability, not flip-flopping?”

Trump supporters in unison: “That’s exactly right!!”

Riiiiight. Because Donald Trump doesn't flip-flop like every other candidate running for president, he merely adapts. Got it.

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