Heh: The Al Sharpton Teleprompter Montage, Round 3

Posted: Sep 03, 2014 3:30 PM

The Washington Free Beacon has done it again. And since we posted the first two installments of their ongoing series on our website, it’s only expected that we would write up the third, no?

The clip below is equally as funny as the previous two. Why? Because, I think, the Free Beacon emphasizes how badly Sharpton mispronounces names any host who covers politics, let alone the host of Politics Nation, should be able to enunciate. (“Reince Priebus” and “Eric Shinseki” are two notable examples). But the video is also hilarious for another reason. The dramatic pauses aside, it’s amazing -- and mystifying -- how a network anchor can so memorably butcher words as elementary as “Pentagon,” “twiddling,” “gelatin,” “giddy.”

Anyway, don't forget to catch the clip all the way to the end -- it’s the best part: