Embarrassing: Obama Releases 11th Hour Wisconsin Ad

Posted: Jun 05, 2012 5:15 PM

Well, I guess a campaign video is slightly better -- as Carol aptly put it earlier today -- than a “tepid tweet.”

Frankly, I never would have suspected the above advertisement carried the official Obama/Biden seal unless I watched the clip in its entirety. This is simply embarrassing. After all, one would think if President Obama was actually serious about throwing his support behind Team Barrett he would -- oh, I don’t know -- appear in the video as a gesture of solidarity. Instead, the ad focuses exclusively on one Laura H. -- a disgruntled young Wisconsinite who begs her fellow citizens to join her cause. “We need to get our rights back,” she intones. “We need to get our state back.” Pathetic. In any case, it seems to me President Obama is desperately trying to distance himself from a floundering recall effort while at the same time appearing somewhat supportive of the “cause.” And, as expected, Democrats aren’t happy about it.