Paul Ryan: Senate Democrats Haven’t Passed a Budget in 1005 Days

Posted: Jan 29, 2012 6:48 PM

On Sunday, Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) appeared on Fox News to answer a number of different questions on a range of topics. Sitting down with Chris Wallace, Ryan discussed the President’s State of the Union address, his reelection campaign, and the failure of the Democratic-controlled Senate to pass a budget in almost three years. He exposed President Obama’s populism and debunked the notion that Republicans only want to “protect the rich.” Interestingly, he explained how the President’s proposed taxes increases, which he outlined last Tuesday, will only cover eight percent of his proposed spending increases. What a surprise. The rest, of course, will be paid for by borrowing money from overseas. He also offered a number of ways to get our fiscal house in order, such as ending corporate welfare and giving tax breaks to small businesses.

Most of all, however, he convincingly argued that President Obama and his Senate acolytes -- after three years in office -- have demonstrably failed to solve the nation’s problems in any meaningful way. And that, in turn, is why America’s fiscal crisis is only getting worse.

Via YouTube: