Dick Morris: Obama Will Lose 2012 in Landslide

Posted: Aug 02, 2011 2:04 PM

Fox News contributor and political pundit Dick Morris offers some interesting analysis in regards to the 2012 presidential election: Barack Obama will lose in a landslide.

A series of new head-to-head polls indicate that President Barack Obama is trailing to Republican front-runner Mitt Romney in four key battleground states. Here are the findings:

Ohio: 46% to 42%;

Iowa: 42% to 39%;

New Hampshire: 46%: 44%;

Michigan 46% to 42%.

Obama won these states in 2008 and must win them again in 2012 to ensure his reelection

Mr. Morris contends that it will become increasingly obvious in the months ahead that the president is unfit to lead. His track record, he argues, will not resonate with voters and a fresh candidate – such as Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, or Michele Bachmann – will pose significant opposition.

A landslide, however, seems overly hopeful. Despite the uncertainty and abysmal economy, the election is still 15 months away.

But, after listening to his argument, it's hard not to be cautiously optimistic.