Why Janice Dean Got Emotional Giving the Weather Report on Friday

Posted: Jan 22, 2021 3:15 PM
Why Janice Dean Got Emotional Giving the Weather Report on Friday

Source: AP Photo/Marta Lavandier

In her weather report on Friday, Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean said the West Coast would be getting some "beneficial moisture" that will put a dent in the drought out there. But Dean was experiencing some moisture around her eyes as well after watching an emotional segment about a senior who just got his vaccine.

Henry Sayler, a 100-year-old WWII veteran, became the 1 millionth senior in Florida to receive his COVID-19 vaccination on Friday. "Fox & Friends" dedicated a segment to him during their broadcast. 

"I didn't feel a thing," Sayler said. "I just want to say how happy we are to live in the No. 1 state in the union and have the No. 1 governor in the union." 

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), who was in the room, told Sayler quite rightly that he was a hero.

When the "Fox & Friends" hosts panned over to Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean to give her update on the weather, she was visibly emotional.

"Amazing," a teary-eyed Dean said, clapping. "And Gov. DeSantis is doing good work in Florida. We thank him. Seniors first. Seniors first."

"We love you in Florida!" she later added, still emotional. "I just love that segment."

On Twitter hours after the report, Dean added, "Couldn’t help it. Happy tears."

Dean lost both of her in-laws to COVID in separate New York nursing homes last year and has been fighting to get answers from the Cuomo administration to find out how much the governor's nursing home mandate was to blame. So it's no wonder that she got teary after hearing Sayler's story.

The vaccine distribution in New York has also not been so kind to seniors. A few weeks ago NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio had to beg Gov. Andrew Cuomo to start allowing the city to vaccinate folks over 75. 

For trying to hold Gov. Cuomo accountable for all of these missteps, Dean has been bullied and dismissed by his administration. Here was Cuomo spokesman Richard Azzopardi's rude response to Dean, published in the Daily Mail:

“Every state has had issues with vaccine distribution because of lack of federal funds but we’re rapidly ramping up distribution and currently have administered more than 60 percent of the vaccines we have. Last I checked, she’s not a credible source on anything except maybe the weather.”

Dean's retort was even better.