Biden Supporters Not Happy With Unflattering New York Times Headline

Posted: Oct 05, 2020 9:50 AM
Biden Supporters Not Happy With Unflattering New York Times Headline

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

What's this? An actual critique of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's campaign? It's true, and it's found in none other than the New York Times. Biden hasn't shown his face or answered many questions during this campaign season, to say the least. While the coronavirus can explain away some of his skeleton schedule, there's no reason why the former vice president needs to go long stretches without talking to the press, or rely on scripts when he finally does hold press conferences. 

In the wake of President Trump's positive COVID test, it's even more important that we know how Biden is faring, the Times argues. The Democrat revealed over the weekend that he had tested negative. But according to the Times Biden's team has been way too "cagey" about his health this week. Because he was in such close proximity to the president at Tuesday night's debate, the editors say he and his campaign needs to be more upfront about their safety protocols.

Transparency has taken on new significance in the presidential race given the conflicting information about Mr. Trump’s health and the fact that his Democratic rival, who is also in an age group that is particularly susceptible to Covid-19, was exposed to the president during their 90-minute debate on Tuesday. Mr. Biden, who is ahead in national polls and many battleground state surveys, still faces the possibility of a positive test; he is continuing to campaign rather than quarantine, and his campaign has been cagey about his health protocols. (New York Times)

The Times used Symone D. Sanders, a senior adviser for the Biden campaign, as an example.

“Much like I wouldn’t discuss our security plans here on national television, I’m not going to talk about our inner workings of our health plans,” Sanders deflected on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.  

And yet, because it's okay for the media to question Trump but certainly not Biden, some readers fumed and accused the outlet of trying to play "both sides."

After hearing of the Trumps' scary diagnoses, Biden wished the president and the first lady well.

President Trump's advisors announced that he may be recovered enough to leave Walter Reed hospital and return to the White House on Monday. While in the medical center's presidential suite, Trump continued to complete some of his duties. And he seems well enough to be back to his old tweeting ways. He's on a caps lock tear this morning.

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