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AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Because Democrats refuse to consider anyone President Trump nominates to the Supreme Court, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer published his outrageous predictions on Saturday as soon as Amy Coney Barrett became the official nominee. 

In a new statement, Schumer explains that he will "strongly oppose" this nomination because Barrett, a woman who has been condemned by top Democrats for her Catholic faith, will "turn back the clock on women’s rights and a woman’s right to choose," among other issues. Read below for a preview of what we can expect when Barrett sits before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The American people should make no mistake—a vote by any Senator for Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a vote to strike down the Affordable Care Act and eliminate protections for millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions. By nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, President Trump has once again put Americans’ healthcare in the crosshairs. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage, unabated by this Administration, healthcare was already the number one issue on the ballot in November. President Trump has promised to nominate Supreme Court Justices who will “terminate” our health care law and decimate the health care system for American Indians and Alaska Natives. In Judge Barrett, President Trump has found the deciding vote.

Judge Barrett strongly criticized the ruling to uphold the Affordable Care Act, claiming that if Justices read the law the way she does, they would “have had to invalidate” the entire health care law. Her record also makes clear that if she is confirmed, the reproductive freedoms that millions of women hold dear would be in grave danger. Should Judge Amy Coney Barrett be confirmed, a far-right majority on the court could also turn back the clock on women’s rights and a woman’s right to choose, workers’ rights, voting rights, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, environmental protections and more. The future for DACA recipients also hangs in the balance with this nominee.

After holding a Supreme Court vacancy open for 8 months before a presidential election, and after failing for the last six months to address the tremendous pain the American people are feeling amidst this pandemic, President Trump and Leader McConnell are doing what no Senate has done before: shamelessly rushing to fill Justice Ginsburg’s seat less than 40 days before a presidential election. Justice Ginsburg’s dying wish was that she not be replaced until a new president is installed. Republicans are poised to not only ignore her wishes, but to replace her with someone who could tear down everything that she built. This reprehensible power grab is a cynical attack on the legitimacy of the Court.

I will strongly oppose this nomination.

Hearings are set for the week of Oct. 12. Trump joked that this process should be easy and "non-controversial," but he remembers what happened the last time he said that. *Cough* Kavanaugh *cough.

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