Rahm Emanuel: I Reject Speaker Pelosi's 'Corrosive' SCOTUS Stunt

Posted: Sep 21, 2020 10:50 AM
Rahm Emanuel: I Reject Speaker Pelosi's 'Corrosive' SCOTUS Stunt

Source: Stacey Wescott/Chicago Tribune via AP

Even some Democrats are disappointed in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D) new ploy. In her weekend interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, she seemed to welcome his idea that the Democrats could impeach President Trump if he proceeds with his Supreme Court nomination. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday, leaving a key vacancy just two months out from the general election.

"Some have mentioned the possibility if they try to push through a nominee in a lame-duck session, that you and the House can move to impeach President Trump or Attorney General Barr as a way of stalling and preventing the Senate from acting on this nomination," George Stephanopoulos offered.

"We have our options," Pelosi responded. "We have arrows and our quiver, that I'm not about to discuss right now."

Democratic Senate leaders appear to be on the same track. Watch as Chuck Schumer nods along while Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) agrees that impeachment is "on the table."

Rahm Emanuel, President Obama's former chief of staff, is among the Democrats who regret this line of thinking.

"The idea of talking about impeachment as somehow retribution, that is what is corrosive to our political system," Emanuel said on ABC's "This Week." "That somehow we have to one-up them."

One of the qualities Emanuel said he admired about Ginsburg was that even though she disagreed with fellow Justice Antonin Scalia, the two shared a friendship for the ages.

Here's what President Trump had to say about Pelosi's threat.

In an interview with Fox & Friends on Monday morning, the president predicted that Pelosi's stunt will only help him Republicans win their elections in November.