The DNC Is Apparently Including Liz Warren in Tonight's Native American Caucus Meeting

Posted: Aug 18, 2020 5:00 PM
The DNC Is Apparently Including Liz Warren in Tonight's Native American Caucus Meeting

Source: AP Photo/Steven Senne

UPDATE: Oh she spoke alright.

"I really hope that you will join us for fighting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and in supporting the Democrats so that we can all cont our work for Indian Country," Warren said. "It is more important now than ever."

Rion Ramirez, Chairman of the Native American Caucus, thanked Warren for her remarks and for always being a "friend" to them.


The Democratic National Convention has already given us plenty of material to work with (see Matt's piece on the DNC's "Outro" Monday night) but on Tuesday they provided the best headline yet. Apparently, the Party has has invited Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to their Native American Caucus meeting. We didn't make it up. It came right from a few of the participants themselves. 

And you better believe the Trump campaign jumped all over this one.

Warren has claimed to have Native American heritage for years now. But she got into some major trouble a few years back when she tried to prove it. She took a DNA test, which concluded that she was....1/1024th Native American. It was hardly sufficient, and after backlash from the Cherokee Nation Warren was forced to apologize for the charade. 

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That begs the question, if she's apologized for identifying as Native American, then why on Earth is she participating in this panel?

Of course, this whole controversy earned Warren her infamous nickname from President Trump, "Pocahontas." And social media users had some fun with the announcement.

Nevertheless, we look forward to hearing her knowledge on the subject!