'Weird': Media Ask Where Biden Is Hiding

Posted: Jun 17, 2020 5:15 PM
'Weird': Media Ask Where Biden Is Hiding

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Former Vice President Joe Biden is running for president. But he's been MIA for several months. The first month or two it was reasonable for him to be hunkering down in his basement, what with all the panic and the unknowns about the coronavirus. Yet, it's now been 76 days since Biden has held a press conference. It's time to answer some questions.

President Trump may not be the media's favorite person, but they acknowledge that he at least holds pressers. Maybe too many. It's "weird," says the Daily Mail's David Martosko, that Biden hasn't shown his face in so long.

Not everyone is confused by Biden's absence. It makes complete sense to the RNC. For months they've been logging his gaffes and missteps. Last month Biden said, matter-of-factly, he's going to beat himself at the polls in November. And his message hasn't improved this month.

"Why has Biden vanished?" GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest asked on Wednesday. "Is it because Biden needs his team to prewrite his answers and load them into his Teleprompter? Or is it because Biden’s handlers have made the decision that the more America sees of Joe Biden, the worse off he is."

They conclude it's D) All of the above.

But there's an E option too. The committee also muses that Biden doesn't want to comment on the lawlessness that has been perpetrated largely in cities run by Democrats, such as Seattle.

Of course, the last Democratic presidential nominee didn't like to answer questions either. There was a stretch during the 2016 campaign where Hillary Clinton didn't hold a press conference for over 250 days.