Dan Crenshaw Crashes Trump's Speech to Give Him an Important Gift

Posted: Dec 25, 2019 12:15 PM
Dan Crenshaw Crashes Trump's Speech to Give Him an Important Gift

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

President Trump recently spoke at the Turning Point USA Student Action Conference at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach. He praised the young conservatives in the crowd for routinely standing up for their values on college campuses, before giving a special shoutout to Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), who also spoke at the conference.

"And we’re joined by a man that I’ve gotten to know and respect," Trump said. "And he’s highly, highly — this is a very capable person who has really developed a voice that you rarely develop as such a young person, and so new to this whole crazy political game. But I’m new too, Dan Crenshaw.  I’m new too. Where is Dan Crenshaw?  Where is he?  Where is Dan?

"Some guys are in Congress there — they have 40 years, they don’t have your voice," Trump added. "Thank you. And I don’t mean the voice, speaking; I mean people listening to what you say.  Thank you very much. Great job."

Crenshaw acknowledged the shoutout, jumped up and started flashing what looked like a red note card. The president couldn't quite see it, so he gave up and invited the congressman onstage.

Trump joked, "'I said Dan, what the hell is it? This better be good!'"

The president smiled and told the crowd that Crenshaw had handed him his "no" vote on impeachment. 

The Democrats voted to impeach Trump on two articles, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, last week.

"I’ll save that, Dan," Trump smiled. "I’ll save that, Dan."

Crenshaw voted with every House Republican and two Democrats to vote against impeaching the president. But it wasn't enough to stop the partisan passage. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched their impeachment campaign against the president in September following a whistleblower complaint about a phone call Trump had with Ukrainian President Zelensky. The whistleblower acted upon secondhand knowledge.

The articles may have passed in the House, but Pelosi has been threatening to withhold them from the Senate. She and Chuck Schumer insist they want Republicans leaders to agree to their terms, which include a new list of witnesses. But, as Sen. Cruz recently noted, if the Democrats are still fishing for more witnesses, do they really have a solid evidentiary case against the president?

"There’s no crime," Trump said at the summit. "There’s no nothing. How do you impeach?  You had no crime."