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Pro-lifers Tell Georgia Gov Kemp His Senate Nomination Has Made a 'Mockery' of His Voters

Hyosub Shin/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp recently nominated Kelly Loeffler to serve in the Georgia Senate. The nomination has unnerved the pro-life community because Loeffler supervises thousands of abortions every year in Georgia.


As several pro-life leaders noted on Wednesday, Loeffler sits on the Board of Directors of Grady Memorial Hospital Corporation, one of the largest abortion providers in the state of Georgia. Through its affiliation with Emory University School of Medicine, it is also the largest training program for abortionists in Georgia. What's more, Grady has sued the State of Georgia to protect abortion rights, and Grady-affiliated abortionists have sought to overturn Gov. Kemp's sweeping pro-life bill, HB 481, which bans abortion after a fetal heartbeat has been detected. That last point was reiterated by Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser on Wednesday.

While Dannenfelser noted that Grady Memorial does "laudable" work in other areas, its "training, providing and advocating for abortion undermines its good work."

And other pro-life leaders joined in.


"Kelly Loeffler sits on the board of one of Georgia's top abortion performing hospitals," added March for Life Action President Tom McClusky. "She has donated thousands of dollars to liberal and pro-abortion Democrats. It would be hugely disappointing if Governor Kemp appoints her to a critical seat in the U.S. Senate. After the Senate gains made by conservative and pro-life candidates in the 2018 election, this would be a huge setback." 

According to Wall Street Journal reporting, President Trump and Kemp met "quietly" to discuss the matter on Sunday, with the president telling the governor he'd be putting his political career at risk with the unpopular nomination. Trump reportedly prefers Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) for the Senate seat instead.

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