ABC Anchor Tells Colleague Stephanopoulos: 'Impeachment's Over'

Posted: Jul 24, 2019 4:00 PM

ABC's George Stephanopoulos asked his panel of analysts on Wednesday whether Democrats had made any headway on impeaching President Trump now that they've finally got Robert Mueller before Congress.

No, "impeachment's over," Terry Moran quickly answered, before explaining how Mueller has snuffed out all hope.

For Mueller to "move the ball" on impeachment, he had to appear before the House committees as "a vigorous, strong, rock-solid prosecutor," Moran noted. Instead, "he looked like somebody who'd slowed a step or two."

"Meet the Press" NBC host Chuck Todd agreed. Democrats needed "a dramatic moment that captured the imagination" (whatever that means). But it clearly never materialized. "He didn't do anything to help advance" the cause, Todd said of the special counsel.

Throughout his testimony before both the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees, Mueller often struggled to provide coherent answers, struggled to hear, and often seemed confused by his own Russia report. Media analysts like Todd could only conclude his performance was a "disaster."

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Heck, even MSNBC nearly admitted that it was a bad day for Democrats. Nearly.