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Immigration Activists Surround Biden and Demand He Apologize for Obama-Era Deportations

AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

Former Vice President Joe Biden is quickly finding that his work in the Obama administration is not doing him many favors, especially with immigration being one of the biggest issues of the 2020 election. While he was campaigning in New Hampshire over the weekend, a group of immigration activists surrounded and confronted him over the 3 million deportations that occurred under his and President Obama's watch. 


One young man cut to the chase.

"I want you to apologize" for the 3 million deportations that occurred in the Obama years, he said to Biden. As the candidate looked around him, he saw dozens of signs with the same message. "Biden," they read, "we haven't forgotten about the 3 million deportations." 

The protestor also wanted to know whether the former VP would "commit" to stopping all deportations if he becomes president.

"No," Biden said. "Not all deportations."

The candidate explained that individuals who commit serious felonies, not misdemeanors, should still face deportation. But, he did pledge that under his administration, there would be no family separations.

Nevertheless, Shannon Jackson, a 17-year-old activist, explained her and other protestors' frustrations with Biden and Obama in a Politico interview.

"The Obama administration wasn't a great friend to immigration at all," Jackson explained. "The goal of today's protest was to hold him accountable. If Mr. Biden does get the nomination or become the president, we want to make sure he won't repeat what happened during the Obama administration."


One of Democrats' biggest attack lines against President Trump is his immigration policies, including new ICE raids that are targeting illegal immigrants for deportation. It's clear that Biden doesn't have that card to play.

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