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Irish Pub Asks Media to Stop Spreading Fake News About Trump Sons' Tab

AP Photo/John Raoux

And we wonder why President Trump feels compelled to publish tweets like this.


Trump didn't mention a specific media fabrication in that message, but I can note a recent one that occurred during his trip abroad. He and his family were in Ireland over the weekend as Trump met with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar about Brexit and other pressing issues. One night, Donald and Eric were enjoying a bar crawl and picked up the tab for some of their new friends at the Igoe Inn Bar & Restaurant in Doonberg. According to some media reports, the pair never paid the bill. 

Those media outlets apparently never contacted the restaurant itself. On social media, the establishment explained that the Trumps didn't have cash on them at the time they ordered customers a round of drinks, but they made up for it a couple of days later and absolutely did not make Igoe foot the bill.


"We'll get the money later we were told there'd be no fear of it," bar owner Caroline Kennedy added in an interview with The Irish Mirror. "I don't think we've to worry about getting paid for that. I don't think they carry cash. We were told it'd be all sorted later so there's no problem."

She added that the brothers were "lovely and down to earth."

The Daily Beast, who initially reported that the bar had not been paid at all, updated their report and noted they "regret the error."

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