Active Shooting in Aurora, IL

Posted: Feb 15, 2019 3:41 PM
Active Shooting in Aurora, IL

UPDATE (5:58 p.m. EST): Aurora Police Chief of Police Kristen Ziman said two of the four responding officers were shot at. When additional officers arrived on scene, they were also fired upon.

Officers had to search for the suspect in a 29,000 square-foot warehouse. When they eventually found him, they engaged in gunfire and killed him. 

The shooter was identified as 45-year-old Gary Martin who law enforcement believed was an employee at the business. Police do not currently have a motive for the shooting.

Ziman said five people are dead but their identities are being withheld while families are notified. 

UPDATE (5:15 p.m. EST): According to the coroner’s office, one person is dead and the four officers involved in the shooting were injured.

UPDATE (5:00 p.m. ET): Clayton Muhammad, the director of communications for the city of Aurora, told the Associated Press the officers are in stable condition but did not say if they were shot.

UPDATE (4:36 p.m. ET): Authorities say the active shooter incident has been secured. 

UPDATE (4:14 p.m. ET): A witness, John Probst, told ABC7 Chicago that a witness who works in the Henry Pratt building recognized the shooter as a coworker. Probst recalled seeing a "green laser" come from the gunman's pistol as he went up and down the aisles and started "shooting everybody."

UPDATE (4:04 P.M. ET): The shooter has been apprehended.


An active shooting has been reported at the Henry Pratt building in Aurora, Illinois, a manufacturing plant. Multiple people have reportedly been shot, including four police officers, according to the Daily Herald. Several victims have been airlifted to nearby hospitals. The ATF is on the scene.

West Aurora School District 129 has enforced a soft lockdown.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated accordingly.