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Representative-elect Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) is proving to be a force to be reckoned with in Washington. Not only does he have stellar comedic timing, as we saw on "Saturday Night Live," but he can calmly defend the conservative agenda even when faced by a panel of liberal opponents.


Crenshaw showed off his impressive debate skills on this weekend's "Face the Nation." His fellow panelists repeated the talking point that President Trump is undermining democracy with his attacks on the media, particularly CNN. For the second time in two weeks, the White House is revoking Jim Acosta's hard pass, noting his disruptive behavior at a recent press conference.

It's an interesting point, Crenshaw noted. But he wanted examples that prove Trump was putting democracy at risk. If that's true, what about that election we just had?

"I always ask the question, like what?" Crenshaw said. "You know, like what is he undermining exactly? You know what – what democratic freedoms have been undermined? We just had an election where we switched power in the House. Democracy is at work. People are voting in record numbers."

The panelists were eager to offer what they thought were great examples - namely, that Trump has routinely undermined the freedom of the press. Rep.-elect Joe Neguse (D-CO) brought up Acosta as an example, but Crenshaw said that that was an instance of just "one disruptive reporter."

Crenshaw had a counterpoint: What about when President Obama placed press members under investigation? "Trump hasn’t done that."


When another panelist noted that Trump has "literally attacked" members of the press with his language during press conferences, Crenshaw, a war veteran, had the perfect response.

"I've literally been attacked, so let's use our words carefully."

In fact, war is how he got that eye patch, having lost an eye from an IED blast in Afghanistan. During his campaign for Congress, Crenshaw was on the receiving end of a nasty joke from "Saturday Night Live" cast member Pete Davidson. On "Weekend Update," Davidson poked fun at Crenshaw's eye patch, laughing that it made him look like a porn star villain. Just about everyone agreed that the punchline was offensive. To the credit of both men, the "SNL" star apologized to Crenshaw publicly. Crenshaw graciously accepted it, took the opportunity to implore Americans to thank veterans, and recognized Davidson's late father for his own service. Of course, he also got to have some fun ribbing Davidson for his appearance. The original ugly episode turned into a lovely display of unity and friendship. 

To quote Guy, we need more Republicans like him.

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