Kellyanne Predicts What Will Happen to Anonymous Op-ed Writer

Posted: Sep 10, 2018 10:35 AM
Kellyanne Predicts What Will Happen to Anonymous Op-ed Writer

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway has "no idea" who the mysterious New York Times op-ed author is, but she knows what will become of him or her. The author, reportedly a "senior official" in the Trump administration, will be outed, Conway predicted on "Fox & Friends" Monday morning.

The author, who she calls "unimpressive," wanted to be a martyr. But, what he or she wasn't expecting, was to be ridiculed by all political stripes. The author "doesn't have the courage" to come forward, but their conceit will do the job for them, she said.

"Cowards are like criminals," Conway explained. "They eventually suss out themselves because they eventually confess or brag to the wrong person."

Plenty of people have speculated, but the op-ed writer's identity remains a mystery. What we do have, is several officials insisting the op-ed did not come from their pen. Vice President Mike Pence, for instance, has been tied to the op-ed because the word "lodestar," a word he has used several times, appears in the piece. But he has repeatedly denied the charge. On Sunday, he even offered to take a lie detector test. 

I would agree to take a polygraph test "in a heartbeat," Pence told Fox News's Chris Wallace over the weekend. A White House-wide lie detector testing, however, would be "up to the president."

The op-ed writer "should resign" for their "un-American" piece, Pence said.

"They're literally violating an oath," he said. "If they're that senior administration official, they're violating an oath, not to the president, but to the Constitution."

Both Pence and Conway suggested that the op-ed author is trying to distract voters from the booming economy.

The guessing game continues.