Why Rep. Lieu Had to Apologize to Conservative Parkland Student

Posted: Apr 16, 2018 2:30 PM

Kyle Kashuv, the conservative Parkland survivor who took Washington by storm last month after winning a battle to make his voice heard, engaged in a war of words with Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) over the weekend.

This time, it wasn't over gun control. The two discussed the legalization of marijuana. Lieu, proud of his state's policies, tweeted that Kashuv should come to California and try some cannabis once he comes of age. The student was a bit taken aback.

Social media users were just as shocked that Lieu was "trolling and soliciting marijuana to a boy under 21."

Even Lieu admitted it was kind of creepy and deleted the tweet.

The exchange did leave Kashuv with one glimmer of hope.

Kashuv's conservative take on the Second Amendment has left him minimal time in the spotlight when compared to his classmates David Hogg and Cameron Kasky. Hogg and Kasky, who have called for gun control in the wake of the school shooting, have been awarded several media hits and speaking slots on the National Mall.

Still, thanks to an interview with Townhall's Guy Benson and his strong Twitter game, Kashuv won meetings with top lawmakers on Capitol Hill and President Trump.

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