Kathie Lee Gifford's Beautiful Reaction to Billy Graham's Passing

Posted: Feb 22, 2018 8:25 AM

TV anchor Kathie Lee Gifford has never been shy about sharing how her faith has impacted her life. When her husband Frank died a few years ago, Gifford remained hopeful because she said that he had placed his trust in God and she knew where he was. Last year, she sang a song she had written for him called, "He Saw Jesus."

The news of evangelist Billy Graham's passing Wednesday gave Gifford another opportunity to praise God in front of millions of NBC viewers. In a sit down interview with Megyn Kelly, Gifford recalled her beautiful friendship with Graham. She is thankful for him, she explained, because several members of her family came to Christ through his organization or by watching coverage of his Christian crusades and listening to his sermons.

Gifford recalled one time that Graham was a guest on her Christmas special program in her home and was so warm to her and her family. In an anecdote that gave us a glimpse of his humility, Gifford recalled asking Graham if there was anything he'd like before they shot his scenes. All he wanted was a Big Mac.

Like Frank, Gifford knows there's reason to smile because Graham put his faith in Jesus.

"Everybody that dies in Christ, goes immediately into the arms of Christ for eternity," Gifford explained. "That is the hope of the Christian faith."

Gifford said people sometimes ask her how she can so boldly preach the gospel in such a secular culture. It's just too important to keep to herself, she explained.

"If you had the cure for cancer, would you keep it quiet?" she asked. "I have the cure for the malignancy of the soul. And He has a name. And it's Jesus."

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