Ivanka Criticized for Praising Oprah's Speech

Posted: Jan 10, 2018 8:15 AM

First Daughter Ivanka Trump made the mistake of sharing her thoughts about Oprah Winfrey's powerful speech at the Golden Globes Sunday night in which the former talk show host encouraged women to fight back against sexual assault.

Ivanka was not allowed to have that opinion, according to some outraged media.

Politico accused her of trying to have it "both ways," before analyzing her "confounding" sentiment. She has been complicit too many times when it comes to her father's conduct, the outlet notes.

The very mainstream sentiment was confounding on multiple levels, when expressed by the president’s daughter. Ivanka Trump last year stood by her father when he was accused by more than dozen women of unwanted sexual advances and outright assault. And her husband, Jared Kushner, even broke the Jewish Sabbath to huddle with the wounded candidate after the release in October of 2016 of the “Access Hollywood” tape.

The outlet then quoted unnamed sources who spoke to Ivanka's obliviousness. 

Other media like Cosmopolitan were happy to report how Ivanka was getting "roasted."

Ivanka has made paid family leave one of her goals since becoming First Daughter in her quest for women's rights. But, again, the media says she is falling short.

Asked Tuesday about Oprah's potential candidacy, President Trump said he "doesn't think she's going to run," but if she does, he'd "beat" her.