Berkeley Official Mocked Coulter's 'Army of Groupies'

Posted: May 05, 2017 5:00 PM

In the brouhaha over Ann Coulter's scheduled speech at Berkeley, a Berkeley city official was caught mocking Ann Coulter supporters in an email exchange. The Washington Examiner obtained the proof.

In an email sent to local ally Jiro Arase-Barham on what was supposed to be the eve of Coulter's lecture, Jacquelyn McCormick, a senior adviser to Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin, previewed the "crazy day" she anticipated ahead of the demonstrations planned for April 27:

"While Ann Coulter has 'canceled'," McCormick wrote, "her army of groupies is still planning on attending — as are their counterparts."

The Berkeley College Republicans invited Coulter to campus last month, but when the school determined they would not be able to ensure her safety, the administrators cancelled on her. Then, they tried to reschedule, but Coulter refused, insisting she would only show up on the original date. When the conservative Young America's Foundation backed out of the speech, Coulter officially nixed her appearance. 

It was "a sad day for free speech," she said at the time.

We probably didn't need the proof, but the above emails just solidify that the city held bias against the conservative speaker and may provide a bit more clarity into their decision.