Andrea Mitchell Fumes Over Trump White House's Treatment of the Press Corps

Posted: Apr 11, 2017 3:30 PM

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell spent much of her recent interview with Politico ranting about the Trump White House’s treatment of the press. Never before, the veteran reporter said, has an administration kept such an arm’s length from the media. Cue her lecture on the Trump team breaking protocol.

“You should not be flying into Beijing without a press corps,” she said. “You should not be going to Moscow without the press corps. It's wrong.”

She went further, accusing the administration of straight up lying to the American people.

“It is totally sui generis. I’ve never seen anything like this,” Mitchell says. “I have never seen anything like this where people just flat-out lie. You know, black is white and white is black, and they mislead you. It's really disconcerting to see the podium in the White House briefing room being used to mislead or misdirect or obfuscate.”

While Mitchell is so openly critical of Trump and his White House staff, the MSNBC anchor insisted she was not, as many have claimed, a Clinton hack. It is her job to be “adversarial” and she insists that’s how she treats any presidential candidate. She even said Clinton was largely to blame for not properly addressing her email scandal, calling her initial press conference “horrible.” The Democratic candidate did herself no favors by refusing to hold another presser for months, Mitchell continued.

Yet, in her same conversation with Politico, Mitchell expressed concern for Clinton’s mental health during the presidential campaign, noting that the press was “harassing” her about her emails.

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