Wrong: Perez Claims Trump Wants to Eliminate Overtime Pay

Posted: Feb 27, 2017 7:00 PM

New DNC Chair Tom Perez is already raising PolitiFact red flags. On his first full day as chair, Perez joined "Meet the Press" and told Chuck Todd that President Trump wants to "eliminate overtime pay."

PolitiFact analyzed that statement as "mostly false."

While Trump has called for a rollback of Obama-era business regulations, never has he suggested he wants to trash overtime pay altogether. 

"We have to address the issues of over-taxation and over-regulation and the lack of access to credit markets to get our small business owners thriving again," Trump said in an interview in August 2016. "Rolling back the overtime regulation is just one example of the many regulations that need to be addressed to do that."

These remarks are hardly evidence to corroborate Perez's claim, yet his team is using it as such. Not that he cares whether it's true or not. In his conversation with Todd, Perez expressed zero interest in working with President Trump, even on the bipartisan issue of infrastructure rebuilding.

Perez also said that Trump's Labor Secretary nominee wants to gut overtime pay. Again, PolitiFact found no evidence to support that claim.