Trump Admin Maintains Injunction Against Obama Bathroom Mandate

Posted: Feb 13, 2017 5:45 PM

In May, President Obama told the public schools of America they had to allow students to let males who identify as females to use the restroom of their choice, and vice versa. Christian groups immediately expressed their concerns and several states filed lawsuits against the administration.

Even some feminist groups said the law went too far and would be harmful to women.

Amidst the challenges to the bathroom directive, a Texas judge enforced a nationwide injunction to put a halt to it. An appeals court was expected to hear a request to limit the injunction on Tuesday, but it has been withdrawn by the Trump White House.

The conservative Family Research Council commended the Justice Department’s effort to stop the “indefensible edict.”

"The writing was on the wall in this case,” FRC President Tony Perkins said in a statement on Monday. “The Obama administration went way beyond the limits of its constitutional and statutory authority to rewrite laws legally adopted by Congress. The federal government has no authority to strip parents and local school districts of the right to provide a safe learning environment for children by forcing them to adopt controversial shower and bathroom policies.”