British Leader Could Face Consequences After Trying to Bar Trump From Addressing Parliament

Posted: Feb 09, 2017 2:30 PM

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow is facing pushback from some of his colleagues for trying to bar President Trump from addressing Parliament during his visit to the United Kingdom. Last week, Bercow said Trump's immigration executive order was the last straw. He, along with 150 other MPs, do not want the U.S. president to speak to Parliament in Westminster Hall. 

Conservative MP James Duddridge does not share Bercow's wishes and on Thursday filed a vote of no confidence in the speaker. Others called for him to resign because he had proven himself incapable of being a neural speaker.

More liberal-minded MPs, however, defended Bercow's remarks, noting how offended they were by some of Trump's rhetoric. The Labour Party's Valerie Vaz said she gladly takes Bercow's side over Trump's, especially after the latter's remarks about women and his refugee order.

"When a person suggests women should be grabbed in certain places without their consent. When a person has consistently questioned the birthplace of an American president, President Obama.

"Then I, born in Aden, Yemen, of Goan-Indian heritage, who may or not be directly affected by the travel ban, and others, welcome the support for us and for the reputation of Parliament."

Trump is not likely to change his travel plans to the UK, especially after he received the invitation from the queen herself.