George H.W. Bush Doctor: 'He's Not Your Average 92-Year-Old'

Posted: Jan 23, 2017 11:40 AM

"He's a really strong person," George H.W. Bush's doctors said at a press conference at Houston Methodist Hospital on Monday. "He's not your average 92-year-old."

The physicians revealed that while the staff is trying to make sure the 41st president is strong enough to be independent of a ventilator, Barbara Bush is doing a lot of the work for them. She is now discharged from the hospital, they revealed, after a bout of bronchitis, but even when she was ill she was "trying to be by his side all the time."

"They're essentially therapy for each other," the doctors said. 

The hospital staff moved George H.W. to the ICU last week as he suffered with pneumonia. Through it all, though, he has maintained a positive spirit. Even on a breathing tube, the doctors said, Bush gave them a thumbs up.

The staff could not stop gushing about the couple's devotion to each other. It's not surprising though. With 72 years of marriage under their belt, the Bushes are the longest married presidential couple in history.