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Despite Lack of Media Coverage, Damning Veritas Video Is Top Trend on YouTube

The Project Veritas videos released by undercover journalist James O'Keefe are damning for the Democratic Party. The undercover journalists behind the investigation into the Hillary Clinton campaign found that DNC operatives were knowingly inciting violence at Donald Trump rallies and engaging in voter fraud. So far, one of the Democratic officials has been fired and another is set to resign. So, naturally, the mainstream news networks have looked the other way.


Newsbusters found that Univision was the only network to offer appropriate coverage to the scandal. ABC, meanwhile, thought it more important to talk about "The Price Is Right." 

Yet, no worries, says O'Keefe. His organization's latest release is the top trending video on YouTube.

Obviously, Americans are interested in hearing about the political manipulation. It just so happens that YouTube is providing the truth and TV news anchors are not. 

Trust in media is at an all-time low. In addition to the blackout of the Veritas videos, the media has been obsessed with the Trump Tapes, but not so interested in WikiLeaks. They have also largely ignored the horrific firebombing of a North Carolina GOP headquarters. What if it had been a Democratic headquarters that had been attacked and vandalized? We all know it would be 24/7, wall-to-wall reportage.


Now, there have been a few exceptions. On CNN Wednesday night, Anderson Cooper not only reported on the videos, but defended Project Veritas. The shocking comments made in the video are "hard to ignore," he admitted.

Well, somehow many of his friends in the media have done just that.

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