Audience Laughs After David Brock Defends Hillary Speaking Fees As 'Market Value'

Posted: Feb 18, 2016 9:30 AM

On Thursday, "Morning Joe's" Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were still on the set of Wednesday night’s town hall in Charleston, South Carolina where Donald Trump answered the audience’s questions. They scheduled the event opposite the CNN town hall featuring the other remaining GOP candidates.  

The morning after, the conversation turned to the Democratic primary. The panel had Clinton ally and Media Matters Founder David Brock on as a guest to try and defend former Secretary of State Clinton as she faces criticism for the money she received for her Wall Street speaking engagements.   

“She made the decision to give those speeches,” Brock said. “I think there’s ample precedent for it.”

Brock insisted there was no foul play as he compared Clinton's growing bank account to the money Rudy Giuliani made on his speaking tour before he ran for president

“She got fair market value for her speeches,” he concluded.

The panel also demanded to know if she should release those speech transcripts. Brock said “it’s not for him to say.”

If you listen, you can hear the town hall audience laugh in the background.

Clinton’s Wall Street coziness is one reason why progressives are flocking to Bernie Sanders’ camp. Not only did he about break even with Clinton in Iowa and beat her soundly in New Hampshire, but he has leveled the playing field in Nevada.