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Perhaps growing tired of targeting his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump has now set his sights on her husband. Trump seems intent on bringing former President Bill Clinton's womanizing ways back into the limelight as he begins to campaign on behalf of his wife.


Considering Hillary has often claimed to be a defender of women’s rights, Does Trump have a right to bring up her husband’s “sexism” to expose the apparent hypocrisy? He certainly thinks so:

"She's playing the woman's card," Trump said during an interview on Fox News, before turning his attention to Clinton's husband, declaring him "fair game because his presidency was really considered to be very troubled because of all the things that she's talking to me about."

Some, however, believe Trump’s rhetoric is uncalled for, including Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (R-AR). On “Fox and Friends,” the former Arkansas governor defended Bill Clinton’s political prowess:

"After seven years of Obama, a lot of Republicans would take Bill Clinton back -- warts and all -- just because at least he understood how to govern.”

Hillary has yet to respond to Trump’s attacks on her husband, but we can suspect she is not amused based on her recent interviews where she said she was appalled by the Republican frontman’s “bigotry and bullying.”

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