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Latino Group Aims to Cause Trouble for Trump on SNL

By now, you've probably heard about those outrageous ads featuring Latino children swearing up a storm at "racist" Donald Trump. Deport Racism PAC is responsible for the expletive-filled video that at one point shows a child giving the camera the middle finger. 


On Fox News Friday morning, Guy conceded that the campaign was unfortunately a success because "we're all talking about it." Shock value often pays off.

Trump, who has dealt with such hate ever since calling illegal immigrants "rapists and murderers" during his presidential announcement, called the Deport Racism campaign a "disgrace."

Young kids speaking that way "is a disgrace," he added, "and it totally backfired and people are actually going wild about it and they’re saying we’re going to support Trump."

“Anybody that would do an ad like that is stupid, to be honest,” Trump went on, “I mean, they’re stupid people that would do an ad like that.”

The anti-Trump group is also offering $5,000 to any audience member who shouts "deport racism" or "Trump is racist" during the businessman's "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig this weekend. At least one member of Congress is joining their effort to threaten Trump's SNL appearance. Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA), suggesting the Republican frontrunner was a racist, told NBC that allowing him to host is a "cheap" ploy.


"Having Mr. Trump degrades the quality of SNL's humor because racism isn't funny, it's lazy, and it's cheap," she said.

Luke Montgomery, the video's director, refuses to apologize for the ad and is defending the children's use of profanity.

"I think they’re using a bad word for a good cause."

SNL producers knew full well that Trump would bring in "huge" ratings. I doubt they will give in to protesters' demands. 

Live from New York, it's about to get interesting.

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