Awesome: Left-Wing UAW Rejected in Chattanooga

Posted: Feb 15, 2014 9:05 AM

Big Labor has just suffered a blow in the South.

Thanks in large part to efforts by Americans for Tax Reform to expose the left-wing United Auto Workers, employees at Chattanooga, Tennessee’s Volkswagen assembly plant have rejected the labor union’s representation in a vote of 712-626.

The Detroit Free Press reports on the implications:

The defeat, which came despite Volkswagen’s neutrality, tarnishes UAW President Bob King’s legacy and could make it next to impossible for the union to extend its reach beyond domestic automakers.

ATR’s Executive Director Matt Patterson released the following statement in response to the victory:

"The workers at Volkswagen looked at the history of this union and made the best decision for themselves, their jobs and their community. In spite of the UAW's multi-million dollar propaganda machine, and with company and government officials at Obama's NLRB aiding the union in every possible way, workers learned the facts and were able to make an informed decision."

That decision came after Patterson and his organization conducted a successful campaign in Chattanooga exposing the UAW's liberal motives. The union spent millions of dollars on Democratic candidates and their tactics likely played a big role in Detroit's bankruptcy. Bravo to these Tennessee employees for recognizing the corruption and for rejecting the intimidating union.

So to recap, that’s 1 for Chattanooga employees, and 0 for Big Labor.

Even the union's leadership knows when it's been beaten:

Organizing a Southern plant is so crucial to the union that UAW President Bob King told workers in a speech that the union has no long-term future without it.

Let’s hope.

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