Awesome: TX Republican’s ‘Sassy’ Obama Ad on NFL Sunday

Posted: Jan 21, 2014 10:15 AM

Move over Richard Sherman. There’s a bold woman down in Texas who isn’t afraid to trash talk, albeit with a bit more class and style. Katrina Pierson, a grassroots conservative running for U.S. Congress against Rep. Pete Sessions, used the NFL playoffs to take a dig at the president’s lackluster job performance thus far.

She tweeted out the awesome ad here:

Pierson’s sassy campaign ad, aimed at the president's unpopular comment that if he had a son he "wouldn't let him play football," matches her bold, uncompromising ideals. She is well known in the Lone Star State for serving as a Steering Committee member for the Dallas Tea Party for five years, as well as being the Founder of the Garland Tea Party. Her freedom fighting efforts have even earned her the support of conservative hero Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who has called her "utterly fearless."

Her guiding principles:

It sounds so simple. But our federal government can’t seem to remember that the people of the United States come before the government, and “We the People” have granted only limited power to it.


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