Madness: NTSB Won't Investigate Fatal DC Metro Explosion Because of Shutdown

Posted: Oct 08, 2013 10:10 AM

This Sunday, about 400 feet from Washington, DC’s busy Union Station, an explosion erupted underground. It was a “loud noise” accompanied by erupting flames, according to Metro. A worker was killed. Two others were injured. Yet, in a stunning decision, the National Transportation Safety Board has decided not to investigate the incident.

After evaluation of the available information regarding the accident the NTSB has decided not to launch any investigators to the accident site. Due to a lapse in funding, NTSB staff are furloughed. The agency can only engage in those activities necessary to address imminent threats to the safety of human life or for the protection of property.

Um, am I missing something here? Was this not an imminent threat to human life? A worker died.

The victim, identified as Harold Ingram, 41, was killed after being struck by a 40-foot-long, 1-ton piece of iron rail. Two others were injured and one was still in the hospital as of Monday. Metro officials believe hydraulic fluid from an underground vehicle was ignited by welding equipment but “the root cause of the fire/noise has not yet been determined. It is not yet known if there was a fluid leak or another mechanical issue," according to the agency's website.

Well, isn’t that something the NTSB should find out? The Washington metro is the second-busiest transportation system in the country and the Red line, where the accident occurred, is the busiest in the system.

But, I suppose the government would rather spend money and resources erecting unnecessary barriers and shutting down private parks.

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