10 Crazy Signs I Saw at SlutwalkDC

Posted: Aug 12, 2013 3:00 PM

On Thursday, I wrote about SlutWalkDC, an event in which participants are encouraged to dress like ‘sluts’ to proclaim to the world they should be able to dress and act how they want (no matter how promiscuously), without facing any consequences. Organizers insisted the march was meant to raise awareness for victims of sexual assault, but after witnessing the Saturday spectacle, it seemed more like a self-righteous parade that ignored any sense of personal responsibility. A few girls even showed up topless, claiming that they’re ‘still not asking for it.’

Here are just 10 of the strangest signs participants proudly waved:

There were the artsy ones.

 photo 94b8d7c2-b9c3-40f8-be31-19478bd28b27_zps3bd7e3cf.jpg

The colorful ones.

 photo f97b7846-baf4-4c3b-aac1-5629187d10d4_zps21bc1d27.jpg

Some were Disney-themed.

 photo a0c93938-6086-4522-9b66-c857754f6869_zps88ba51d1.jpg

Then Ryan Gosling made an appearance.

 photo 9102a56b-c446-4159-a8a5-f8a4c778a8a7_zpsd26d991b.jpg

Grumpy Cat was not impressed.

 photo 8c082d6c-a2d4-42e7-bf47-57bfd4150016_zps00b7ede6.jpg

Some were hard to miss.

 photo e3cba55a-0d0f-49db-8ee9-81d41bdb3704_zps9baf771a.jpg

This one was very clever.

 photo 6aaedcfb-2d91-46b0-905d-cee82eb686ca_zps4f8dd330.jpg

Make sure to mark this one on the calendar.

 photo 0f835840-b9e0-462f-afe2-79ac81e4f895_zpsccbef3cd.jpg

Some signs weren't on poster board.

 photo f2501200-9898-4f93-834d-4d8926732f7f_zps2ee7beb0.jpg

Hey, at least some were patriotic.

 photo 16d5cc32-d586-4d34-9c89-ebabcfab93ef_zpsdd0da37e.jpg

Stay classy, ladies.