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Whitlock Blasts Left, Highlights Judeo-Christian Values

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In a Sunday night appearance on Life, Liberty and Levin, Jason Whitlock discussed the bloated state of American politics and criticized many common misconceptions mounting from the left.


Host Mark Levin began the interview asking Whitlock his thoughts on the current political status quo, specifically, how the U.S. has become a country obsessed with equal outcomes in place of equal opportunity.

“I think how we got here is everybody's fat and happy. And they're all looking for their piece of the power pie… I want to blame the politicians, but I think too many Americans have taken for granted the freedoms that previous generations won. And that goes all the way back to the Revolutionary War, all the way back to the Civil War, all the way back to the civil rights movement. America has been on a fight for increased freedom since its inception.”

The renowned sports journalist continued on to highlight the government’s role as laid out in our founding documents, noting the government’s duties are limited to protecting the freedoms of Americans, leaving it up to the individual to succeed or fail based on their own effort.

“We stopped asking people to ante up. I mean just think about JFK, his inauguration speech, ‘ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country’…  Now we moved to this whole thing of asking the country what it can do for us… It's we should serve our country, our country can't serve us. We can abide by a certain set of rules that guarantee freedom for all of us, but that's all our country promises us, that's what the Declaration of Independence, that's what the Constitution promises us, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.”


Agreeing with Whitlock’s comments, Levin switched topics to the enshrinement of critical race theory in American society. Whitlock's response noted an abandonment of facts in favor of feelings.

“We've moved into a fantasy world Mark, where everything is about feelings… Therefore, you have to enact laws that satisfy my feelings… you can't sustain a society where we're just serving people's feelings because people's feelings are irrational, they’re irrational. Mark, I think I should be married to Halley Berry, I feel that way. I feel like I've earned it, but I'm not qualified.”

Whitlock went on to contrast the “feelings” that describe the left’s commitment to systematic racism and the “feelings” that describe the right’s commitment to 2020 election fraud, noting the critical difference lies not in any principle but in political identification.

“The police, they're systematically killing black men. That's a feeling, it's not supported by any facts, it's supported by an anecdote or two… People have a lot of anecdotes about the election, but [the media] keeps saying ‘there is no proof of massive fraud in the election, so don't give me anecdotes to justify your frustration about the election.' Well, I say the same thing as it relates to Black Lives Matter, and the narrative that they put forth that a few anecdotes of police misconduct prove that there's this massive plot and the police are just out of control. When the facts just don't support that,”


The former ESPN employee responded to Levin’s final question by connecting the political shift away from the individual with the abandonment of religious principles, stressing the Judeo-Christian foundations of American institution.

“We have people so focused on race. Black people and white people… We've abandoned our religious faith for a race based-faith… Even if you're an atheist, you have to admit that Judeo-Christian values are why people are breaking down the doors to get into America…They're not attracted to the Marxist values that are being promoted today, they're attracted to the freedom that Judeo-Christian values created here in America.”

Whitlock concluded the interview by reflecting on his faith and the pedigree of truth in today's society.  

“And if you really understand Jesus Christ and Christianity. It's a search for the truth… and an affinity to truth is the greatest thing that a Christian can do, and it's the greatest thing that a country can do that wants to be great. And we're now abandoning the truth, and we're abandoning God, and the values that made this country great.”

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