House Republicans Ask For Investigation Into Clinton Foundation

Posted: Jul 13, 2016 3:00 PM
House Republicans Ask For Investigation Into Clinton Foundation

House Republicans have began to call for another Clinton investigation, this time into possible corruption that the Clinton Foundation may have caused. This is the result of a new letter that has began to circulate among Congressional Republicans. 

Rep. Marsha Blackburn is the author of the letter, and she feels that "the Foundation's activities cannot be ignored." This letter will be sent to FBI Director James Comey, IRS Director John Koskinen and Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith Ramirez.

"Public corruption undermines the integrity of representative government and institutions associated with elected or public officials," the letter says. " However, the failure of government agencies can have an even more damaging affect. We ask that each of the agencies review these allegations pursuant to your jurisdictional charge."

One issue mentioned is the decision by-then Secretary Clinton to allow Russia to obtain a controlling stake in a U.S. uranium company. Some argue that this decision was the result of the donations of Ian Teller, a major Foundation donor, and the Russian Company Uranium One.

Uranium One donated multiple times to the Foundation for a total of $2.35 million, and Teller's Fernwood Foundation donated more than $2 million. Secretary Clinton then was one of the people who approved the sale of this uranium, according to Blackburn.

Another possible corruption that the Clinton Foundation may be involved with is all of the arms deals that Hillary approved to countries that donated to the Foundation. The Clinton State Department approved $165 billion of commercial arms sales to 20 countries that donated to the foundation

The letter also raised concerns of the tax status of the foundation. It points to the fact that the Foundation was originally approved as a domestic public charity to help with construction of President Clinton's library in Arkansas, not foreign charity missions. Blackburn wants to make sure that the IRS has amended the Foundations paperwork to reflect its status as operating as a foreign charity foundation. 

Charles Ortel, a Wall Street investor who has been involved as a trustee for two public charities, explained that their has been no evidence that the IRS ever approved their foreign-directed missions. 

"I find no evidence in the public domain that it was ever authorized to engage in any other activity other than as a Presidential Library," said Ortell. He even called it "an illegally constructed front masquerading as a charity." 

The news of this letter comes after Comey refused to testify on whether or not their is a separate investigation going on about the corruption of the Clinton foundation.

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